Author: TheSph3r3

Our New Website

Thank you for visiting our newly redesigned website! Our team will be creating regular new articles and updates for the blog pages of our new site for you to read and reference in the coming days. In the meantime we want to encourage you to browse through the rest of the site to review the other great information, tools and/or resources we provide.

And, while you’re looking around if you have a question come up you can be assured that we are only a click or phone call away. Tracy & Andreea is here to serve you, your family, or business – so let us show you the way!

We’re Going Social!

Tracy & Andreea has just completed updating all of our social media including, but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter! Now, no matter where you prefer to live online you can find us with ease.

So don’t forget to like, follow, connect, gather and subscribe today. And, let’s get social!


Tracy & Andreea is proud to announce we will be producing a regularly published email-newsletter full of interesting articles picked from our blog articles and delivered for free to your email inbox. All you have to do is subscribe, so we can stay in touch with you and keep you informed of the latest news and resources.

We look forward to your reviews and feedback!